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What is Sanakin?

The body has own regeneration powers to heal itself. Following this principle the technology supports the body to produce own immune proteins and growth factors, which are proven to have an anti-inflammatory, regenerative and pain-relieving effect.

application areas


Using the Sanakin-technology osteoarthritis and other inflammatory joint diseases can be treated. The regeneration of the tissue is completely naturally supported.


The Sanakin-technology can be used to treat degenerative aging processes and inflammation of the skin – such as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis or hair loss.


Autologous serum extracted from the patient´s blood helps completely natural to fight against such diseases as paradontitis, gingivitis and inflammation of the jaw bone.


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Why Sanakin?

Procedure of the treatment

First arrange an appointment with your doctor. We are also happy to help you find a doctor in your area who is applying the Sanakin-technology.

Approximately 10 ml of blood is removed for the treatment. With the help of Sanakin your blood produces an autologous serum.

The preparation of the serum lasts for 3 hours. Meanwhile you can do your normal activities – go shopping, take a walk or visit a café.

After 3 hours your serum will be prepared for the injection and after a short treatment you can leave the clinic again.

Experience has shown that approximately 3-5 injections are nesessary to achiev a long-term effect.

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