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It´s nice not only to feel happy but also to show joy with a smile. But over the years, degenerative processes of the body also affect the teeth and the gum. The condition of the teeth can be improved not only by complex dental treatments.

Application of Sanakin® in dentistry

The medical device Sanakin® can be used in dentistry so that the treating dentist can carry out treatments purely biologically and completely naturally to the body. With the help of the medical device, 10 ml of the patient’s blood is turned into a serum which can be used in dentistry.

Periodontitis is an inflammation of the periodontium. This is mostly caused by a bacterial infection which first causes gingivitis and can then spread to the jaw bone. Left untreated, periodontitis may result in the loss of teeth over the long run.

Periodontitis is one of the most prevalent diseases of the teeth. Its root cause generally is dental plaque – thus bacterial accumulations on the surface of the tooth which is due to inadequate or poor dental and oral hygiene. In order to treat periodontitis, remove dental plaque and clean any gingival pockets which had formed.

If, after such prior treatment, the pockets are more than five millimeters deep – this is usually the case with advanced periodontitis – remove the gingival pockets surgically. Scientific studies prove that periodontitis increases the risk of cardiovascular conditions, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes. In case of periodontitis in pregnant women, the risk of premature birth is dramatically increased.

A treatment using Sanakin® is simple and can be easily integrated into your everyday life.


In case of problems due to an infection, antibiotics are generally prescribed. However, they will only reach the acutely inflammatory part of the wound. The antibiotics will shift processes from an acute to a chronic condition. The poorly tended jaw bones do not come into contact with the antibiotic; subsequently, chronically persisting jaw bone inflammation will result. Dreaded is here especially NICO (neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis) which is difficult to visualize by X-ray.

But pathogens from deep gingival pockets or from dead or root-filled teeth can also cause the fatty dissolution of NICO and send toxic metabolic products and inflammatory transmitters into far-removed areas of the body. Osteitis of the jaw bone frequently develops where teeth had been removed, in the upper jaw and the lower jaw. This “internal scar” in the jaw bone acts as a chronic disorder. Such “interference zones” may trigger acute conditions or promote chronic diseases. In particular, sensitive, stressed and immunocompromised persons may be highly burdened by such interference zones and entirely bring down their health.

Potential areas of application

  • periodontitis
  • gingivitis
  • pine osteitis
  • residual osteitis
  • TMJ osteoarthritis
  • etc.
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