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General information

Anyone who suffers from osteoarthritis often has severe pain in the affected joints. Every day can become an ordeal. With the help of our technology the doctor treats osteoarthritis and inflammation with autologous proteins which are very well tolerated and have few side effects.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative rheumatic joint disease in one or more joints and forms part of the natural aging process in humans. Over the years the joints become worn to varying degrees. This process develops imperceptibly, very slowly over the years. As a result, the pain is only felt when the osteoarthritis is already well advanced. The typical joint pain and massive restrictions on movement not only have a drastic effect on the quality of life, but also cause social isolation in many patients. Unfortunately, the disease affects all joints in the body, including degenerative changes to the spine.

Osteoarthritis can be triggered by various causes. The most common are lack of exercise, overloading the joints, incorrect posture and congenital deformities. It is mainly the elderly who are more frequently affected, as the cartilage layer loses its elasticity with increasing age.

Overweight people are also at increased risk of osteoarthritis as a result of their excess weight, which has a negative effect on the joints. In recent times, the number of athletes suffering from osteoarthritis has been increasing continually. Owing to the overload on their joints, this also results in the acceleration of osteoarthritis.

Another form of osteoarthritis can also trigger inflammatory processes, known for example as “stiff knee”. In this case the doctor can carry out a puncture and then treat the joint with cortisone in order to reduce the swelling. This type of arthritis is called “activated osteoarthritis”. Inside the synovium, the cartilage is no longer sufficiently nourished, and the inflammatory process is triggered.

In the treatment of osteoarthritis, the active participation of the patient is particularly import- ant, since following measures have a preventive effect:

  • Change in diet to reduce weight in the case of overweight patients
  • The correct footwear — no high heels
  • No heavy physical work
  • Swimming in warm water
  • Avoidance of the cold and wet
  • Keeping the joints warm

Nowadays there are many standard therapies for osteoarthritis. The following points are intended to provide a brief overview of the various methods of treatment.

For the treatment of pain, various so called non-steroidal anti-rheumatics are used. These painkillers have severe long-term side effects, although in the short term they can reduce the pain. This form of treatment is also called symptom management.

The most common forms of joint injections are hyaluronic acid and cortisone. The advantage of this treatment is the injection of the active substance at a high concentration directly into the joint.

  • Cortisone is injected into the joint in acute osteoarthritis – so-called activated osteoarthritis. This has a rapid anti-inflammatory and painkilling effect.
  • Hyaluronic acid is mainly used for the purposes of “lubrication” and improving the functioning of the joint. It is most often used for the treatment of knee joint osteoarthritis.

Here, physiotherapy, acupuncture, underwater exercise therapy and electrotherapy play a major role. All of these therapies are used to improve joint function and therefore improve mobility.

By means of minimally invasive surgery, certain mechanical problems can be rectified. In end stage osteoarthritis, the main form of treatment is the replacement of the joint with artificial joints.

Application of Sanakin in orthopedics

Everyone has the urge to move into old age. With the help of the Sanakin® medical device, the attending physician can effectively use the body’s own serum.

In comparison to other forms of therapy, the use of Sanakin® offers the physician the special possibility of carrying out treatments with the serum purely biologically and completely from the patient’s own body.

The serum obtained from the patient’s own blood is injected into the affected area. Experience has shown that several treatments are carried out. For further information please ask your treating physician.

Potential areas of application

Osteoarthritis of all joints

  • knee arthrosis
  • hip arthrosis
  • arthritis of the shoulder joints
  • arthrosis of the ankle joints
  • osteoarthritis of the hand and finger joints

Osteoarthritis of the spine

  • facet arthrosis
  • osteochondrosis
  • Osteoarthritis of small vertebral joints
  • Cervical disc damage

Inflammation of the various tendons and ribbons

  • Achillodynia
  • Tennis bow
  • Golfing arm
  • Muscle fiber tears and muscle bundle tears
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Arthritides
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