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In the field of orthopedics malformations and diseases are treated around the musculoskeletal system. These diseases, which are manifested in the form of osteoarthritis and inflammation, can be treated with the help of Sanakin. The “wear” of the bones, as it is often colloquially called, leads to permanent pain. The regression and aging of the bones can be reduced by the body’s own regenerative powers.

Osteoarthritis – A common disease

People who suffer from osteoarthritis often have severe pain in the affected joints. Every day can be a torment. With the help of Sanakin technology, the doctor treats arthritis and inflammation with the body’s own proteins – with high tolerability and low side effects.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease in one or more joints and is part of the natural aging process of humans. Joints become worn over the years. This process is developing imperceptibly and very slowly over the years. Thus, pain is only felt when the arthrosis is already advanced. The typical joint pain and massive restrictions on movement not only drastically reduce the quality of life, they also lead to social isolation in many patients. Unfortunately, the disorder affects all body joints, including the degenerative change of the spine.

Causes of Osteoarthritis
Osteoarthritis can be triggered for a variety of reasons. The most common are lack of exercise, overwork, wrong posture and congenital misalignments. Older people are more often affected, because as they age, the cartilage layer loses its elasticity.

Obese people are also exposed to the risk of osteoarthritis due to their excessive weight. Excessive weight has a negative effect on the joints.

Recently, the number of athletes suffering from osteoarthritis increases more and more. Due to the overloading of their joints, this also leads to an acceleration of osteoarthritis.

Another form of osteoarthritis can also trigger inflammatory processes, known as “thick knee”. The doctor can perform a puncture and then treat the joint with cortisone, so it swells. This type of arthrosis is called “activated osteoarthritis”. In the interior of the artificial skin, the cartilage is no longer sufficiently nourished and thus the inflammatory process breaks out.

Treatment forms of osteoarthritis
In the treatment of osteoarthritis, the active participation of the patient is particularly important because the following measures have a preventive effect:

  • Change of diet for weight loss in overweight
  • Proper footwear – no shoes with high heels
  • Refrain from heavy physical work
  • Swimming in warm water
  • Avoiding cold and wet
  • Keep the joints warm

There are many standard therapies for osteoarthritis today. The following points are intended to give a brief overview of the different treatment methods.

Medical therapy
For the treatment of pain, various so-called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used. These painkillers have long term side effects, but in the short term pain can be reduced. This form of treatment is also called symptom treatment.
Joint injections
The most common form of joint injections are hyaluronic acid and cortisone. The advantage of these treatments is the injection of the active ingredient in high concentration directly into the joint.

  • Cortisone is injected into the joint in acute arthrosis – so-called activated arthrosis. In this case, a rapid anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect occurs.
  • Hyaluronic acid is mainly used to “lubricate” and improve the functioning of the joint. It is most commonly used in knee joint arthrosis.
Non-drug therapy
Physiotherapy, acupuncture, underwater movement therapy and electrotherapy play a major role here. All of these therapies serve to improve joint function and thus improve mobility.
Operative treatment
Minimally invasive surgery resolves certain mechanical problems. In the final stages of osteoarthritis, the replacement of the joint by an artificial joint is in the foreground.

Potential areas of application

Osteoarthritis of all joints

  • knee arthrosis
  • hip arthrosis
  • arthritis of the shoulder joints
  • arthrosis of the ankle joints
  • osteoarthritis of the hand and finger joints

Osteoarthritis of the spine

  • facet arthrosis
  • osteochondrosis
  • Osteoarthritis of small vertebral joints

Cervical disc damage

Inflammation of the various tendons and ribbons

  • Achillodynia
  • Tennis bow
  • Golfing arm
  • Muscle fiber tears and muscle bundle tears
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Arthritides

Application of Sanakin® in orthopedics

Every person has the urge to move into old age. With the aid of the medical device Sanakin®, the treating physician can effectively use an endogenous serum.

Compared to other forms of therapy, the use of Sanakin® offers the doctor the special option: to perform treatments with the serum purely biological and completely endogenous.

The serum obtained from the patient’s own blood is injected into the affected area. Experience shows that several treatments are performed. For more information please ask your doctor.

Sanakin® treatment areas